• Joseph Simmons

Amazon invests in gaming future with purchase of Montreal Games

Logo of the newly purchased gaming studio

Amazon is definitely a powerhouse company that has its hand in many things, one of which, apparently, includes video games.

Amazon has recently gone to great lengths to purchase Ubisoft's Montreal Games, the devs behind notable games like "Rainbow Six Siege," "Far Cry 4," and a lot of the "Assassins Creed" games. This is big for Amazon because that team knows how to reach success, something that has eluded Amazon's gaming department.

Although Ubisoft Montreal is an experienced department, this does not guarantee success for the new parent company. Amazon will still have to invest both time and money before it is truly successful. Creating a game that both casual and hardcore gamers can appreciate is the ultimate goal for any game developer; however, that could be considerably difficult for Amazon considering the backlash they have received in the past for abandoning gaming projects.

The passion previously lacking in the previous Amazon games may be in the past with this new studio under its belt. The Montreal team is famous for the passion and work they put into making its games, especially when not rushed. They are a creative team that will definitely help Amazon's Gaming department get a foothold in the gaming industry.

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