• Jonathan Miller

All Matter Bends Time

Many people have heard of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, or at least E=mc^2, but not many people understand what it means or its application. In the simplest of terms, all objects bend time because of its gravitational force.

Gravity is the force of attraction between two objects. Earth's gravity keeps us on the ground, but our gravity sort of pulls us away from the Earth.

Everyone and everything, except energy, has a gravitational force, but the strength of the gravitational force is dependent on the mass of the object.

A large object with little mass doesn't have as much gravity as a small object with a lot of mass.

Jupiter is bigger than Earth, but it does not have as much mass as Earth does. Because Earth has more mass than Jupiter, time is slower on Earth than on Jupiter.

It seems weird that time is different everywhere even if everything we experience seems to happen in our "Earth Time".

Imagine you could get close to a black hole without dying, and your friends were observing you from a distance where time is almost equivalent to Earth's. You would approach the black hole at the constant rate you are going, but your friends would be wondering why you are hesitating to approach the black hole because they see how slow you are approaching it, but really, it is time being bent in their perspective.

Time gets much slower the further you go into a black hole. If you possibly get close to the surface of the void, the 24 hours you experience near the surface would be equivalent to 141 Earth years. Also, you would only be a day older, but your friends would be 141 years older.

So if Steve throws a pencil at Pete in a vacuum (so Earth's gravity wouldn't be a variable), Steve would see the pencil hit Pete later than when Pete would actually be hit by the pencil. Sure, Steve would see the pencil make contact about a billionth of a second later, but Pete's gravity would still bend time around him.

Time bending is dependent on the gravitational force of an object which is also dependent on mass. The person reading this is currently bending time, slowing it down by a billionth of a second. Time is never the same anywhere in the universe.