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One Act 'Alice In Wonderland' cast list released

On Wednesday, November 11, English and Drama teacher Ms. Landrie Bock released the cast list for this year’s One Act Play “Alice In Wonderland,” one week after auditions.

Cast members for the Cairo High School 2020-2021 One Act Play are:

  • Mary Harrison as Alice

  • Ella Singletary as Jane/Caterpillar

  • Mark Russo as White Rabbit

  • Jasmine Cruz as Mouse/Dormouse

  • Mason Best as Duck/March Hare

  • Tanner Davis as Eaglet/Cheshire Cat

  • Adiden Baird as Lory/King of Hearts

  • Zoe Watson as Dodo/Mad Hatter

  • Keya Hunter as Duchess/Five of Hearts

  • Andrew Bennet as Footman/Seven of Hearts

  • Corrine Carrillo as Queen of Hearts

  • Victoria Nix as Pat/Two of hearts

  • Taylor Griffin as Bill/Cook/Two of Hearts/ Knave of Hearts.

The Technical Crew is:

  • Ansley Ponder, Stage Manager

  • Hannah Barber, Assistant Stage Manager

  • Alondra Ortiz, Assistant Stage Manager and Props Mistress

  • Marisol Gspar-Orzoco, Costume Mistress

The practices will begin before November 25, the start of Thanksgiving Break.

The Region 1-4A One Act Competition is scheduled to take place Thursday, February 4, 2021, and “barring any restrictions,” CHS will be hosting this year, Ms. Bock says.

For more information on this year's play and social distancing measures, click here.

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