• Hannah Kirkland

Weird News: Aladdin's 'Exemption'

Being a character at a Disney Park seems like a very interesting but difficult job. Having to stay in character and interact with countless small children sounds like it can get tiring fast. Some character actors have to have certain talents that can make the act more believable. But recently, the Disnerds Instagram account shared a very interesting fact about the actors who play Aladdin in the parks.

According to the Disnerds Instagram account, Aladdin is the only character at the parks allowed to kill guests, if it's necessary.

The handbook's "Park Safety" section states, "Although we want every Disney guest to have fun, our number one priority is safety. Because of this, Aladdin will never under any circumstances kill a park guest, unless it is absolutely necessary to save the lives of a greater number of park guests. This is referred to as 'Aladdin’s Exemption'."

Disney has not officially confirmed this is actually in the handbook, but if it is real then that's really cool.