• Jose Salazar

2021 Valentine's Day DIY Love Crafts

Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day, is a day for lovers to express their affection with hugs, kisses, and gifts. If you're on a budget, don't sweat it! Here are some DIY's for your loved ones.

Chalkboard Heart Frames

This DIY from Crafts by Courtney will bring joy and comfort to your loved one:

Materials: wooden heart frames, chalkboard spray paint , sandpaper, and white chalk.


  1. Spray two coats of the chalkboard on the frames, and allow the frames to dry for 24 hrs.

  2. To give your frames a rustic and aged look, go over them heavily with sandpaper. When done, wipe it down the frames with a cloth to remove the paint dust.

  3. Go over the frames with a piece of white chalk, rubbing the chalk all over the frame (sets the chalkboard). Then lightly wipe off all excess with a cloth

  4. For the last step, add some scrapbook paper for the background or stick a photo, then draw on the frame with chalk.

Love Slime

This craft from Growing a Jeweled Rose can be gross, but in a loving way! Or, if you're in a "sticky situation" with your loved one, this craft can be a fun activity!

Materials: 2 cups of red glitter glue, 1-2 cups of liquid starch, (Optional additions: Heart confetti, Glitter, Rose essential oil)


  1. Begin by pouring 2 cups of red glitter into a large mixing bowl

  2. If you are using any of the optional additions at this time start adding them and mix, then slowly begin to add the liquid starch and mix, slowly adding more starch and mixing until the desired consistency is reached.

  3. Once the slime is formed remove it from the bowl and knead it with clean, dry hands. After a bit of kneading you will have ultra stretchy, sparkly heart slime

Love Bath Potion

This Love Bath Potion from Sugar and Cloth will make you smell irresistible!

Materials: Apothecary bottles ( can be found in Hobby Lobby for $0.99), glitter, glue, gift tags, bath salts and muslin bags (optional) at Michael's $5 for 12 bags.

First, dip the tops of the corks in glue. Try to get a little bit of the sides also so that your cork can be completely covered at the top.

Then, sprinkle a different shade of glitter across each top and let it dry.

Fill each bottle with your choice of bath accessories (try the Sweet and Shimmer Toasted Vanilla Bath Salts)

Last add a personalized gift tag, and they're ready to go!

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