• Perla Tiburcio

CHS students invited to participate in 2020 Georgia Farm Bureau Art Contest

Attention all artists and creative high school students! The Georgia Farm Bureau is currently holding its 2020 High School Art Contest for students in grades 9-12. All drawings will be judged based on artistic merit and on how well the artwork represents modern agriculture found in the student’s county or in the state of Georgia. All artwork must be submitted by Feb. 11, 2020.

Here are some guidelines for the contest:

  1. All contestants must submit only one drawing into the contest; entering multiple artwork will result in a disqualification

  2. The finished artwork must be on 8.5 by 11- inch white paper. All artwork must be done in the colors of either black, white, or gray and must be made by using graphite , charcoal, pastel, chalk, colored pencils, pen-and-ink, ballpoint pen, or any mixed media for printing.

  3. The student must allow for the Farm Bureau to reprint copies of their drawing. The winning artwork will become property of the Georgia Farm Bureau. Permission page for any artwork entry must be completes and signed by a parent or guardian in order to participate in the contest.

  4. All artwork must be submitted by Feb. 11, 2020. Each county will choose a winner at the county level to move up to the state level.

There will be 10 chosen district winners who will each receive $100 in cash. There will then be two state runners-up who will receive $150 in cash, in addition to the district award of $100. The overall state winner will receive $250 in cash, along with the district prize of $100.