• David Smith

New Adidas 'Game of Thrones' shoes released

The "Game of Thrones" television series is about to begin its last series and has teamed up with Adidas to celebrate. The two have teamed up to make a limited edition shoes designed after the different houses and characters in the television series. The shoes were released on March 23, 2019.

In total, there are five "Game of Thrones" houses and/or characters represented by the different shoe designs. First is the Night's Watch design, which is a very dark or black design with a grey tint. The shoes are available in both men and women sizes. The shoe is the newest shoe out for $180, so get them while they last.

The second design is the White Walker Ultra-boost design that is an all light blue design that resembles the White Walker in the series. The shoes are both available in men and women size. The shoes are sold out at the time, but Adidas plans to make more in the near future. However, the shoes will not be a limited edition pair, and the price will also differ from the price it was previously, which was $180.

Next is the House Lannister Ultra-boost, which is the most popular design of the six designs. "The shoes' primary color is bright red, with the three lines having a golden tint," according to Adidas. The shoe resembles the House of Lannister in the television series. The cushion in the bottom of the shoe has the "Game of Thrones" title.

The fourth design is the House Targaryen Ultra-boost shoes, which feature an all-white design other than three stripes on the sides of the shoes which are bright silver. The shoes are sold out, but more will be released later on in the year. The original price was $180.

The fifth and final design is the House Stark Ultra-boost shoes, which are grey and black. This shoe is also sold out, but more will be out later in the year, and to celebrate Adidas will have a week-long sale in which all shoes will be half off, making all shoes $90.

If you missed your chance to get them now, they will be available in mid-May.