• Jasmine Chandler & Ja-Khira Cooper

Principal Lokey holds senior meeting with Class of 2019

On Thursday, March 28, 2019, at 10 a.m., Principal Lokey held another meeting in the CHS lunchroom with seniors. At the meeting, he discussed upcoming events and his concerns regarding the class of 2019.

Our last meeting with Principal Lokey was only a few weeks ago, and at that time he discussed how we are the graduating class and that it is time we get focused. He took the time out of his schedule to talk about the different issues such as our academics, electives, and some students grades being borderline failing for the semester.

Principal Lokey told us about the opportunity for credit recovery and that some students may not be able to walk across the stage to get their diplomas. Our principal wants to make sure we take the proper steps during our last year as students at CHS and be on the right track for graduation. These meetings are designed to help us keep track of what credits we need, how many classes should be on our schedules, and what we should do as a graduating seniors. Teachers, counselors, and school administrators are here for our help at CHS.

Also the meeting informed us about upcoming events such as graduation, as well as about other important issues such as attendance, student debts, grades, and caps and gowns. Mrs. Holt, CHS Counseling Department Head, spoke about student fees, including athletes and others who may not have turned in school uniforms on time or at all. These activities/uniforms include N.J.R.O.T.C., football, basketball, and cheerleading. Also, if students are responsible for any textbooks that are damaged or misplaced, they are urged to see Mrs. Holt for any help or for any questions.

Mr. Lokey also mentioned that many seniors need to improve their grades for graduation. He said that there are a high number of seniors who are failing at least one class, as well as a number of students who are on the verge of failing for the semester. If a student fails for the semester, that student could end up taking summer school courses. He advised us to talk to our teachers, Assistant Principal Dr. Fuller, or him personally to get the help we may require for us to graduate.

Mrs. Holt also spoke to us about making sure we place orders for our caps and gowns. If we have not ordered them already, we should come speak with her immediately in her office.

As the meeting continued, Mr Lokey told the students that he wanted the Class of 2019 to break the high percentage for the graduation rate. Last year, for 2017-2018, the graduation rate was 90.7%.

After Mr. Lokey and Mrs.Holt had spoken, Mr. Hank Smith approached the seniors and spoke about the 2019 Grad Bash. The bus seating arrangements have been already been posted on Mr. Hank Smith's door. He also told students going to Grad Bash that they should arrive at the school by 10:30 a.m. to get their seats and that the buses would leave at 11:30.