• Hannah Jo Gibson

New 'Fortnite' update released: 'X Marks the Spot'

"Fortnite" is on Week Four of Season Eight, with new content called "The X Marks the Spot." Epicgames is throwing everything they have at players to keep up with the new game, "Apex Legends" that has taken the gaming community by storm. This week's Free challenges, which are available to everyone playing "Fortnite," task players with using the Baller vehicle in five different matches and getting an elimination with a long-ranged weapon and a suppressed weapon. The players then can do a five-part challenge that begins with landing at Tilted Towers.

The Baller is a new vehicle that is a hamster ball-like vehicle added to "Fortnite" this season that's been disabled and re-enabled two different times recently. "If you've spent V-Bucks on a Battle Pass, you have an extra set of challenges waiting for you. These involve launching yourself through structures using the pirate cannon, searching for buried treasure, eliminating other players at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park," according to epicgames.com.