• Ashley Haga

'Bomb cyclone' hits U.S. states, causing historic flooding, snowfall

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, a "bomb cyclone" hit many states and brought many horrors to those who reside in the states of Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa. Some of the states are dealing with flooding, while others are dealing with blizzards. Winds of roughly 100 mph were slamming into many Texas towns, whilst New Mexico and other states were only dealing with winds roughly 30 to 50 mph.

The "bomb cyclone" was still heading for other Midwest states on Thursday, March 14, causing tornado watches in the following states: Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. With Colorado and Texas being seen as the hardest hit, many schools are closed or without power.

Denver, the city hardest hit by the story system, is suffering from 45 inches of snow, although there are blizzard and avalanche warnings throughout Colorado. In South Dakota, where there are at least 15 inches of snow, state offices have been closed in over 39 counties.

At least one person has died, two are missing, and over 900 are staying inside temporary shelters. With roughly 175,000 people without power, the rate of suffering from cold and freezing waters is rising.

Many say that Denver International Airport was hit the hardest. There, rescuers and airport workers are handing out blankets and supplies to those stuck at the airport because the flights were delayed.

Located in Nebraska, Offutt Air Force Base, which is a key factor in America's nuclear attack responses, has suffered devastating flooding. Flood waters covered nearly 3,000 feet of the 11,700 foot runway, and 60 buildings in the southern part of the base were flooded, as well, 30 of which had at least eight feet of water inside of them.