• Damien Lane

'Apex Legends' patch notes and more

"Apex Legends" has been out for little more than a month, but the game's developers have already launched the first season for this year. The game's Wild Frontier Battle Pass is now available to purchase on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing a new assortment of skins, stat trackers, and other exclusive rewards to unlock in Respawn's popular battle royale game.

Much like "Fortnite"'s own seasonal Battle Pass, the Wild Frontier Battle Pass can be bought with in-game currency (950 Apex coins). Otherwise, the player would have to pay $10 for it. Players eager to get ahead of other players can buy it to do so. Players who buy the Battle Pass also receive three exclusive character skins.

EA is also offering a Battle Pass bundle for 2,800 Apex coins, which will instantly unlock the first 25 tiers, giving players immediate access to those rewards, according to allpatchnotes.com

Apex has special coins that are Legend's premium currency. They can be typically only be bought with real money. However, there are other ways for players to get some free, cool stuff. For example, the player can receive 1,000 Apex coins by signing up for EA/Origin Access.

The player will also get a 50% discount if he or she gets a one-month subscription. The player can also earn up to 1,000 Apex coins by leveling up the Battle Pass in-game.

Of course, as in "Fortnite," the player can unlock rewards as they level up. Even if players don't won't to buy the pass, they can still earn a handful of rewards in-game.