• Quintarius Washington

OKC's playoff spot in jeopardy

Before the All-Star break, the Oklahoma City Thunder were third in the Eastern Conference, but after the All-Star break, the Thunder can't seem to get back on track. As of right now, they are tied for fifth place with the Portland Trail Blazers, the San Antonio Spurs, the Utah Jazz, and the LA Clippers. Each of those teams has a 42-30 record with 10 games left in the regular season.

At the All-Star break, OKC were 17 games over .500. They're 5-10 since the break, with two separate four-game losing streaks. Their MVP candidate, Paul George, was out three games with a shoulder injury, and ever since suffering the injury, he really hasn't looked the same.

George said, "We know if we win, where we're at. We know when we lose, where we're at. Going into the game, we control our destiny."

OKC's star point guard, Russell Westbrook, was suspended one game because he has 16 technical fouls on the season. When the media asked him about foul problems, he kept saying, "Next question."

The Thunder's auxiliary players really haven't produced much over the past month. Back-up point guard Dennis Schroder has been playing poorly, and corner 3-point shooter Terrence Ferguson has been shooting the ball inefficiently.

After losing to the Heat on Monday, George said, "We just need to play better. We just need to play better as a group. That's it. We're just gonna have to do that, period, going down the stretch, just playing better."

With a tough 10 games left in the season, George and company look to finish the season with the bang.