• Hannah Jo Claire

Game Changer app allows fans to follow CHS baseball games in real time

For all Syrupmaker baseball fans, both Varsity and Junior Varsity, who don't know about the Game Changer app, the app can help you follow the team you want to watch.

Fans no longer have to worry about missing a game and not know what's going on during that game. Instead, they can watch the app live.

A live Game Stream of plays and stats will instantly be delivered to fans who are following their team from the Game Changer website or their mobile devices.

During almost every game, there will be a Team Admin who records the action on the free Game Changer app by tapping simple menus to score every play.

There are four admins for Cairo Varsity Baseball, including Michael Best ("The Voice of the Syrupmakers"), Chad Parkerson (Head Baseball Coach), Richard Brimm (JV coach), and Gary Smith (JV coach).

Cairo Junior Varsity Baseball includes only three admins for the app, which include Richard Brim, Gary Smith, and Chad Parkerson, who are the coaches of the baseball teams.

Using this app, you can also view the schedule and season results of your team.

Fans can also view baseball and other Syrupmaker sports schedules on the Red and Black page, as well.

Congratulations to the baseball teams on their great seasons so far, and good luck!