• Jakhira Cooper

Cairo tornado relief workers encouraged to get tetanus shots

After the tragedy of the tornado in Cairo earlier this month, a lot of outside help had to be called in. Workers from Tallahassee and Thomasville had to be called to help fix power lines and clean up debris from the storm. City workers have been working really hard to clear streets and yards of tree limbs and power lines. Cairo is thankful for all the workers and their hard work.

Now there is concern about the health of our city workers. The Grady County Health Department is encouraging tornado recovery workers to get vaccinated against tetanus if they haven't had a recent booster shot. The health department has been very vocal about this. It really encourages all workers to take advantage of this vaccination. The Health Department and the say that studies have shown that adults need a booster shot every ten years to stay protected. This is especially important when working in situations and conditions as these. It is important that you protect yourself and your health.

"The vaccine is available at our Health Department," said Grady County Health Department County nurse Manager Peggy Connell. She is really urging that everyone takes advantage of this vaccine being offered. Adults should take care of their bodies and the health, as they would do for their children.

So Cairo cleanup workers, get to Grady County Health department if you haven't already gotten vaccinated against tetanus because staying in good health should always be a top priority.