• Damien Lane

New Xbox bundles out now

Xbox has come up with new types of bundles for Xbox lovers to buy and get great money-saving deals. The bundles will be a big change for the market of video games, as for the moment Xbox is the only company making a bundle with a free headset, game, and in-game content for the game.

Each bundle will also include a free month-long Gold Pass for the gamer to start off. Some of the consoles are different in storage or type. Some of the bundles are for the Xbox One S and some are for the Xbox X. The storage of the consoles will be normal, but some will have a terabyte of storage that will make the value of the bundle go up.

The bundles will have simple games that have been around for a while, such as "Minecraft." The bundle for an Xbox One S with one TB of storage, "Minecraft," and a free headset to go with it will cost the gamer $249. The rest of the bundles will cost between $220 and $250 for the Xbox One S.

The bundles also have some of the popular, newer games like "Forza Horizon 4," which will be available as a part of the bundle with the Xbox One S with one TB of storage and a free headset. "Anthem" and "NBA 2K19" will be in the bundles for Xbox One only.

The new Xbox X consoles will come with the three games that can run with high graphics for the Xbox X to show off the power of the console. The Xbox X bundles prices will be around $385 to $390.