• Morgan Sellars

Cairo hit by F2 tornado as natural disaster strikes the south

Thirty-six tornadoes touched down this past Sunday, March 3, 2019, across several southern states. One of the tornadoes touched down in Cairo at 7:52 p.m.

Tornadoes are columns of air that come in contact with the ground from cumulonimbus clouds and can be very destructive or deadly.

Thought to be two minutes of terror, this tornado ripped through downtown Cairo, tearing a path that will be remembered for many years. The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado was an EF-2, with winds of 120 mph.

Lives were not lost in Cairo during the disaster, though many homes and businesses were destroyed. Cairo was very blessed to have no deaths and only some injuries, as homes can be replaced and people cannot. Grady County schools were out on Monday and Tuesday and resumed on Wednesday.

Several streets were left impassible, and many businesses and homes were without power. City utility crews and Grady EMC workers labored to restore power throughout town.

Thirty-five other tornadoes terrorized the south on Sunday throughout the day. Several were so severe that they took lives numbering in the double digits. Most started off as severe thunderstorm warnings and escalated into a deadlier issue.

Tornadoes can move very quickly and should be taken seriously. If there is a tornado warning in your area, you need to take several precautions. These precautions include taking shelter, staying away from windows and doors, protecting your head and vital areas, and always keeping your ID on you.