• David Smith

Film Preview: 'Fast and Furious 9'

"Fast and Furious 9" is an upcoming film that will be released on May 22, 2020. This is the ninth film installment to the "Fast and Furious" series.

At this time, the plot of the new film is unknown, however the director has promised that the audience will be blown away. According to some sources like IMDb and Digital Spy, "This may be the last installment of the films series."

The actors and actresses who have a guaranteed role in the film are Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, and Lucas Black.

Vin Diesel is a very well-known actor who has appeared in many films such as "The Pacifier" in 2005 and the "Riddick" series that began in 2002. He has also appeared in the film "Guardians of the Galaxy" films as the voice of Groot.

Jordana Brewster is an American actress that has appeared in films such as "American Heist" in 2014 and the TV series "Lethal Weapon" from 2016-2018. She has also appeared in the new "Magnum P.I." television series that began airing earlier this year.

Lucas Black starred previously in "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift" (the only film that he starred in within the "Fast and Furious" series), as well as "Legion," a suspenseful film that was released in 2010, which is his second most famous film he has appeared in.

The director of this film is Justin Lin, an Taiwanese-American film director whose films have grossed $2 billion worldwide. He is best known for his films "Better Luck Tomorrow," "The Fast and the Furious" 3-6 and "Star Trek Beyond."

The film has not yet been rated, but due to the previous films' ratings, it is expected to be rated PG - PG-13.