• Jacqueline Walker

Review: Foy Vance's song "She Burns"

Foy Vance is a Northern Irish musician and singer-songwriter who signed to Glassnote Records in 2013. He has toured as a support act to British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, and his music has been featured on numerous television shows.

Vance released a song in 2016 called “She Burns.” The actress in the music video is Lucy Hale. Hale is also known as a singer but mostly as an actress. Her most popular movie she played a role in was “Truth or Dare,” but she also appeared in the television show “Pretty Little Lairs.”

In the music video, she acts as if she’s a model getting her picture taken. She starts off sitting in a chair. The song "She Burns" is part of Vance's album, "The Wild Swan."

Listening to the song, Vance has a similar voice to Alex Clare, who is a British singer and songwriter. In the song, he describes a girl and how she makes him feel when he’s around her. He also talks about how he feels when he’s not around her, like he's covered in snow, meaning he feels cold.

The video is shot in black and white.

He says that when he stands beside her, she burns like petrol-soaked paper and fireworks. The song is self-explanatory, and it’s a really a beautiful song. Foy Vance has a very strong and natural voice, similar to Alex Clare.

Here is the music video so you can watch and listen to the song: