• Mackenzie Dekle & Morgan Sellars

Opinion: Is an all male draft unconstitutional?

Senior Judge Gray Miller of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas recently ruled the male draft as a violation of the Constitution. According to National Public Radio, "the Military Selective Service Act states that men in the U.S. ages 18 through 25 must register in case the country needs a military draft. Women face no such requirement."

America's last draft was between 1948-1973 to fill vacancies in military positions that were not filled through voluntary means. According to Stewart Smith, former Navy SEAL and writer on thebalancecareers.com, "President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 which created the country's first peacetime draft and formally established the Selective Service System as an independent Federal agency within the Department of Defense."

For many years, it has been just men to be drafted into the military, but since women have been pushing for equal rights for years, there's a chance that women will be drafted as well.

Here at the Red and Black, we decided to get the thoughts of two of our own student journalists on this controversial topic.

CHS Senior Morgan Sellars shared her thoughts: "If both men and women were drafted for war, who all would be left behind? I'm sure that the draft is a good thing, but think of how it worked in WWII: the women left at home had plenty of jobs, big or small, to make sure our country and our military had the supply needed during time of war. I'm not saying that women shouldn't be put in the military or face war, but I am saying that there should be jobs that only men should have when it comes to defending our country. I understand that women can do anything a man can do, but there is a line that should be drawn to where it should end. Women who are in the military are very strong and very brave, but not every woman is built for that job. I think if women are to join the military, it should be under a voluntary matter, as well as for men. If it came down to it though, I will stand on my belief that only men should be drafted, leaving women to handle the work here at home.

CHS Junior Mackenzie Dekle shared her different thoughts on the subject: "America should have women put into the draft. Women have been fighting for equal rights for centuries, so why should the draft be any different? Women do jobs that men do and live the same way as men do. There's this stereotype that men are stronger than women, which may be true in some cases but not for this one. There's approximately 20,000 women in the military, with 69 generals. Having only men in the draft is unequal for the men, especially if women have been proven capable of being in the military. Some might think we won't have enough diversity for jobs outside the war if women are drafted, but some might also say there's places across America that are overpopulated.