• Jakhira Cooper

CHS Rifle Team 2019 season unloaded

Since the CHS Rifle team is just about to wrap up its season, the Red and Black recently sat down with the coaches and one of the top shooters on the team to get their thoughts on their recent match against Colquitt County and their season so far.

Kaitlyn Moran is a sophomore member of the Rifle Team and one of the team's best shooters. When asked how she felt the team was doing this season, she said, "We've been doing pretty well. I mean, we've had our ups and downs. We haven't won every match, but to me, I feel like we're doing pretty good." Moran also expressed that she loves being a member of the the Rifle Team and plans to continue participating through the rest of high school.

Master Chief Youngblood told the Red and Black that this year is actually kind of a rebuild year for the team: there were several great shooters who graduated last year, but there has also been some great development with some of the new shooters on the team. When asked about about the tactics that are being taught on the team, Master Chief Youngblood said that he teaches the students to focus on their target and their breathing. He said that being on the rifle team can also help students improve focus, attention to detail, and blocking out all distraction. Developing those skills can help not only those individuals planning on going into the military, but those in all walks of life.

When asked what he hoped to see from his team over the last few matches of the year, Master Chief Youngblood said that he just hoped to see the team shoot better than in their last match, be competitive, and to be supportive of each other and the team they're against.

The Red and Black wants the CHS Rifle team to know we're proud of the team and hope it continues, and to give our thanks to Commander Baker and Master Chief Youngblood.