• Ashley Haga

CHS 2019 Tennis Team young, looking to gain experience on the court

The CHS tennis team recently had a home match versus Columbus on Feb. 26, 2019. Mr. Skeen, the coach of the tennis team, had time to talk to the Red and Black about how the game went and was able to share more information on the topic.

This year's tennis team is very young; many players only recently picked up tennis rackets. Some had not played before because they did not have the time or ability to play. Others were curious about the sport and wanted to see what it's like. With many of the players from last year being seniors who graduated in 2018, there was a clean slate for new players.

Mr. Skeen said a key player is CHS Junior Callie Lauder; an energetic and confident girl, she has been able to better herself in many ways.

This year's team has a shortage of boys; with only four, it is very stressful during matches. During duo games, they would have to reuse a male player, which isn't ideal, since he could be tired out and not trying the best he could.

In their first match, the team struggled due to being new and just getting out there, but they did put in their all.

Mr. Skeen, not showing any sore thumb about it, said "We went up against a great team, a great school; we definitely are hoping to be competing for a higher, better Region position next year, but we'll almost definitely be going through some sore spots this year."

He also said that a good reason they need more practice is that players are not practicing all year round. They are letting themselves soften up from May to December and pushing themselves too much when tennis season starts back up.

Mr. Skeen said, "You have to dedicate yourself year round, to get out there and get better."