• Hannah Jo Claire

Wendy's baked potato a unique option among fast food restaurants

Every fast food restaurant has that one specific side you can always count on. That one side is the delicious fries most everyone enjoys.

With many items in these fast food restaurants, all but one restaurant is missing that one side usually found at pricier restaurants: baked potatoes.

"Wendy’s baked potatoes might be even more famous than the chain’s fries," according to Reader's Digest.

There are many different items to load your baked potato up with, including chili, broccoli, cheese, sour cream, chives, and plenty more.

There are five different types of baked potatoes you can get at Wendy's, including "loaded" potatoes. There's the plain baked potato, the sour cream and chive baked potato, the bacon cheese baked potato, the chili cheese baked potato, and also the regular cheese baked potato.

Compared to other sides, the baked potato is a healthier option: "A regular baked potato has 270 calories, seven grams each of protein and fiber, and no fat to speak of" according to www.rd.com. That, of course, is for the basic potato rather than "loaded" up with cheese, sour cream, or chili.

Wendy's is the only fast food restaurant in America that sells these delicious baked potatoes, even though some other fast food restaurant have tried but failed. These restaurants include Burger King and Arby's.

The baked potato has been on Wendy's menu for three decades and has become a steady success for the brand. The restaurant sells an astonishing 1 million baked potatoes a week, which works out to 52 million a year, according to a company spokesperson and Thrillist.