• Ashley Haga

Second trailer for 'Dark Phoenix' shocks 'X-men' fans

For many younger fans, "X-men" movies have been around for a good majority of our lives, and with all the timeline changes and character deaths, its been a wild ride. Maybe the upcoming "Dark Phoenix" will take the cake compared to the past movies.

[Spoilers ahead]

When the new trailer dropped yesterday, Feb. 27, 2019, fans were shocked to say the least. Most would believe that big companies like Fox wouldn't want to kill of fan favorites, but it seems that that is what is going to be happening in this new movie.

With a lot of stress from fans not liking the last movie, Fox wanted to better themselves, change the game, and do something unimaginable before Disney bought their rights to X-men, and they did: to change the game, they killed off Mystique. Easily a fan favorite, the shape-shifter has been in pretty much every "X-men" movie you can think of. The death will be a sad one for many fans, as well as characters in the movie.

In the trailer, we see Mystique trying to calm Jean Grey down; sadly, it is a failed attempt. We see Jean push Mystique back, and she goes flying. A few frames later, we see a funeral and then a shot of Hank McCoy (Beast) sitting by himself, looking as he'd just got done crying not too long prior, drinking his sorrows away until Charles Xavier (Professor X) comes up to him trying to calm him down, trying to take the bottle away from Hank. This causes Hank to fight for it, but In the end it busts everywhere.

Hank and Mystique have always had a little flirting between themselves, seeing as they're the only two characters who feel like monsters when using their powers. That automatically sparked a friendship between the two, which later turned onto a romantic one.

So, with many fans distraught over the latest trailer release, the movie cant come soon enough.

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