• Lameya Thomas

Syrup Singers travel to Eastside Elementary School

After an outstanding Black History program hosted by the S.A.G.E. Club on Friday, February 22, a group of choir members traveled to put on another performance for our elementary students over at Eastside. Formed by the choral music director, Erikka Edwards, they are known as the Syrup Singers. The Syrup Singers is currently made up of 22 members.

While at Eastside, we performed three 30-minute sessions for three elementary groups: one 4th grade class and two 5th grade classes. Each class had a group of unique students with wonderful personalities. Some even had an interest in becoming a member of the choral program when they became high schoolers, too! Throughout each performance, we couldn't help but notice the smile on each student's face. What was even more interesting was how they started to sing along with us. The experience was truly amazing. Who knew that we could impact their lives so much?

Seminole County's Legacy Show Choir was also a feature at the Eastside performances, and they brought out a few soloists, too. The dance choreography was amazing to watch, and the soloists had us laughing at their hilarious personalities. For our last performance, Seminole County came to watch and join in for the fun.

Overall, everyone did a wonderful job and Eastside loved us. It was a performance we won't forget!