• Camron Davis

Queen opens for the 2019 Oscars

Without anyone to host this year's Oscars Awards, many viewers were left wondering what would replace the regular set of jokes that have became tradition in the Oscars' history.

In a turn of events, it was officially announced in an Instagram post by Brian May, the band's guitarist, that the legendary 80s band, Queen, would be performing at this year's awards ceremony.

May captioned the post, "Yeeeeeay !!!! Time to Rock the Oscars--- watch this space !!! Bri X Ha ! OK. Now I've read some of your nice comments ... like 'Are you gonna be at the Oscars ?' (!!!) ... I realise maybe this is not clear ! So I can now tell you : YES ! ... after much drama (drama is what its about, right ?!) we have been engaged to Tear It Up, in person, live and dangerous, one night only, at the Academy Awards ceremony. Thank you, Oscars people - we will make you proud ! And, folks ... Be There !!! Bri."

According to Oscars producer, Glenn Weiss, "If you've ever heard Queen's music, I think this will be something that will invite you in in a really great way, The music is so well-known that this to us became a really great way to open the show and not be traditional like a normal awards show and depend on things like a monologue."

During the Sunday night event, the band began with "We Will Rock You" and finished with "We Are The Champions," which included sparks flying and a clip of Freddie Mercury during his performance at the 1986 Wembley Live event. The explosive opening was concluded with Adam Lambert, the band's current lead singer, shouting "Welcome to the Oscars" to the roaring crowd.

Below is a YouTube video of the 2019 Oscars opening: