• Damien Lane

'Rainbow Six Siege': New Season

The new operators are Australian operators that will bring their own new gadgets, and they will be changing how roamers play. The new operators are roamer counters for the new game which take control of drones or cut off hallways. The new attacker is Gridlock, and she brings a new gadget called the Trax Stingers. The new gadget covers uneven ground better than a straight mat, and once deployed, they can replicate and spread out over a large area. The unique for an attacker enables them to use the Trax as an obstacle to reshape the map and control an area.

The effects will be slowing them down and causing damage when stepped on the enemy. Trax Stingers will be destroyed when damaged in any way. Gridlock will have three of them to deploy at any time.

Gridlock's layout will start with two different types of primaries: a F90 and a M249. Both have a crazy amount of ammo wit one holding a 175 rounds. The M249 will be belt fed by a bag and the F90 will only be fed by mag. The secondary of both new operators is the Super Shorty and SDP 9mm. Gridlock will have Breaching charges and smoke grenades for her secondary gadgets.

The new defender Mozzie will be helping the defending team to protect the objective. The gadget is a 4-legged bot that can be used to target a single drone or deployed in a area to prevent drones from being used by the attacking team. The tiny bots can take over the drone by hacking it and Mozzie can control the hacked drone with his phone.

The primary that Mozzie will be using is the P10 RONI, and the COMMANDO 9. The small ammo mags will differ for the high rate of fire.

The new map coming to the season will be called OUTBACK and the name lives up to the name. The map is placed in Australia Great Southern Land. The map is made up of lonely service stations and a motel. Roamers can create new paths by destroying walls and there’s always the option of changing floors as a flanking strategies. It’s a medium sized map and players won’t need to go far to find creative routes to get round the map. The map is packed with twists and turns with unexpected corners.

The season will also be creating new mode for new players starting off in siege with new mode called NewComer. The new mode will only be for starting off players to help them fight only against levels 1 though 50.

When the player's level goes over 50 the player will have to play casual or rank from that point on. The NewComer game mode will only bounce between three different maps and one object mode. The mode will go though the maps Bank, Chalet, and Consulate with only Bomb game modes. The ranked clearance level for it has also been changed for players will have to be level 30 to be in a ranked games now.

The season will bring a new Elite Skin for a new any operator. The Operator that will be getting the elite will be Hibana this time. This will be the first time a DLC character will be getting a elite skin for siege. The new season will bring three new seasonal gun skins called scaly freshwater, Crocodylus, and the dangerous Ocean’s Teeth according to Rainbow6.ubisoft.com.

The new year four season pass has came out for $30 on all platforms. The season pass will come with a 5% increase renown boost, 0.3% more chance for alpha packs, 10% percent discount in the in-game shop. The pass will come with in-game content like the new operators as they are released. The pass also comes with 600 credits, lava charm, 8 uniforms and headgears with a lava skin for any weapon.

Siege will also be operator balancing to help level out the problems with combat. Ash's Acog will be taken away from her R4-C Reducing Lesion's Gu Mine damage per tick from 8 to 4 and Mavericki increased swap time between SURI Torch and weapons. After 18 seconds phone calls from Dokkaebi will hang up on their own or being in range of a mute jammers will prevent Dokkaebi from calling you. Walking into the range of mute jammers will hang up phone calls for the player. Capitao has gone a increasing area of effect size and will be getting reduced damage per tick from 19 to 12. Clash will have her muzzle brake will be also taken away from her machine pistol According to Rainbow6.ubisoft.com.

The tweaks and improvements will be added to help with problems in the game. The breaching charges deployment animation will be much faster, Damage on attacker’s side is reduced from 150 to 50 so that the blast won't take out near by team mates. Damage area of effect on defender side is increased and the lethal damage area of the blast is reduced.

Bulletproof cameras can no longer be deployed underneath a Welcome Mat to make it impervious to bullets.

Some of the smaller bugs to the game will be getting fixed in the season like the bulletproof camera was not destroyed if it is placed underneath electrified barbed wire. Drones could be herd be destroyed clearly through floors. The swapping animation from a gun to a primary gadget can be skipped sometimes randomly. The acog on the M249 does not accurately show where bullets will land.

Spamming the crouch button will lead to cases where the 1st person view is granted before the model is visible from another point of view and frag grenades do not always destroy a barricade after going off near it. The nitro cell damage was not reliable when placed on certain objects across all maps and this was a problem for defender because the damage wouldn't deal its full payload.