• Ashley Haga

Netflix Review: "The Umbrella Academy"

Warning: major spoilers may be ahead.

Netflix released "The Umbrella Academy" globally on Feb. 15, 2019, and it has already become one of Netflix's best shows. The show is based on the comic book series of the same name.

The show begins with 43 women around the world giving birth simultaneously; however the women had not been pregnant 24 hours prior. A billionaire heads out to "adopt" as many as he can, gaining seven new children that day. He raises them as heroes, and they soon grow up, going their separate ways

Steve Blackman, the executive producer of the series, teamed up with My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way to bring this comic to life. The show, based loosely on the comics, introduces all characters in the first episode, all kids given the name of a number, one to seven. Later in life, however, their "mom" would name each of them: one was named Luther, two was named Diego, three was named Allison, four was named Klaus, five wasn't given a new name, six was named Ben, and seven was named Vanya.

When their father dies, they all come back to the old mansion they grew up in, some not as happy about it than others. We see all kids grown up and in the mansion, except for Ben and Five. Five has been lost somewhere for 17 years. Ben dead, but how he died is unclear and not really revealed in this season; hopefully next season will give more information about the boy who died too soon.

Each of the seven has his or her own special power. Number one, Luther, has super-strength and durability.

Number Two, Diego, can throw any object with deadly accuracy, curving it through the air to find its target.

Number three, Allison, can control minds with the phrase, "I heard a rumor...".

Number four, Klaus, can see and talk to the dead.

Number Five, Five, can jump through time and space.

Number six, Ben, can project deadly and powerful tentacles from his chest.

Although Vanya, or number seven, and everyone around her believe at first that she is ordinary, useless, and just gets in the way, she is actually the most powerful of all. Sir Reginald (Father) believes it is better if she just doesn't know about her powers, putting her on medication for her "nerves" and"anxiety." Close to the end of the end of the season, it is revealed that she indeed has powers, that of potentially cataclysmic telekinetic abilities, which she generates by focusing on sound waves, even the smallest sound waves. She uses this to entrance her music director during her audition.

Hopefully next season will be more insightful, but, sadly, we wont hear about release dates until at least a month from now. Until then, Netflix has many amazing shows we could be watching.