• David Smith

Video Game Review: 'Madden NFL 19'

"Madden NFL 19" was first released on Aug. 10, 2018, but is still popular to this day. The game has a 4.6/5 rating from IGN, a website that provides the latest game news.

In the game, you are able to test every team in the NFL and challenge your friends to a game to see whose team is better. You even have the "Ultimate Team" event which allows you to choose your favorite team and attempt to make your way to the Super Bowl.

You also have the "Longshot" event, or the story mode of the game. In the story, you are continuing the journey of imaginary football players Devin Wade and Colt Cruise following the results of a reality competition that propells Wade’s football career into the spotlight. You are faced with obstacles that you must overcome in order to become an NFL player.

Wade and Cruise are best friends, which gives Cruise the idea to become an NFL player. His hometown is also devastated by a storm and needs $500,000 to repair the damages.

Colt is then forced with a difficult decision: he must leave his little sister behind. He gets a shot at the Miami Dolphins, but he has so much on his mind that he is unable to focus and ultimately fails.

He then returns home to find out that his old high school football coach has died, and after talking to many people and much thought, he takes the coach's place. However, another friend, Geese Guzman, will take over the coaching position if Colt gets a call from the NFL.

Antonio Brown hears about the situation and then goes live on social media and tells the world. With just seconds left in the donation, the goal is reached. Not only does Antonio Brown donate, but other NFL superstars donate as well, even their rival "The Bulldogs."