• Quintarius Washington

Gronkowski considering retirement

During Super Bowl week, lots of unanswerable questions were asked, and one of those questions was, " Will Gronkowski retire after this season?"

After the Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams in Superbowl LIII, "Gronk" went to go celebrate with his family. All the Gronkowskis started to jump up and down in excitement. When he sat down for his post game conference, his arm was wrapped in his massive brace that he worn since 2013. He looked even more tired. Reporters asked him about his thoughts on him retiring, but he deferred to answer questions on the topic. Gronk stated that "Tonight's about celebrating with our teammates. That decision will be made in a week or two."

StartFragmentGronkowski had surgery on his spine before entering the League, and he has experienced a lot of painful injuries and operations over the years.EndFragment Just this past season, he missed three regular season games because he was suffering from Achilles tendinitis and a disc in his back.

Whenever he suffers a blow, he limps like a chimpanzee with a broken leg. The effect is similarly heartbreaking.

He said, "To take hits to the thigh, to take hits to your head, abusing your body... isn't what the brain wants."

He also said, "It's a grind, mentally and physically, but I've been doing it my whole life. I've been doing it now, playing football, every year since seventh grade. I don't know anything different."

If Gronk retires now, he'll forfeit about $10 million dollars, and that's if New England ​​decides to pay him. He's made more than $50 million playing football, reportedly stashing it in investments.

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