• Quintarius Washington

CHS School of Fine Arts students learn about importance of art, foreign languages

On Feb. 20, 2019, Cairo High School held Advisement Day. During Advisement, students report to their assigned Academy classes.

I'm in Greg Boyce's Fine Arts Academy class. We call him Coach Boyce because he once was a football assistant coach and a wrestling coach. While we were in his class, we watched five YouTube videos on how different types of art can be used in our everyday lives and how it can affect people. Coach Boyce shared a 12-slide PowerPoint with us that gave examples and information about art. In the PowerPoint, it shared that the University of Florida has arts in medicine classes.

He asked us the question, "What is Art in Medicine?" Well, nobody in our class knew the answer to his question, but he eventually gave us the answer, himself. The answer was that Art in Medicine involves professional artists who provide assistance to patients. It also humanizes the healthcare experience.

Coach Boyce also told us that foreign language is a form of art. He said that learning a different language could help you build more relationships with different people of different races and cultures.

Learning a foreign language can open up your mind to new thoughts and ideas, and it can also add value to your professional life. If you and a person are competing against each other for a spot on a job, and if your have that experience in speaking more than one language, then you're most likely to get hired because you have that experience of speaking two or more languages. You're then considered bilingual (a person who can speak more than one language).

Coach Boyce gave an example of his old coach's daughter taking a bilingual class; she's now brilliant at speaking English and Spanish.