• Lameya Thomas

Makeup styles reach new levels in 2019

Everyone has a unique way of being creative. Some people lean on the lyrics of music, while others are more of the painting type. These Instagramers, however, put the creative in creativity with their amazing looks!

Tiffany Hunt is a shapeshifter and makeup artist from the UK. Her Instagram (@illumin_arty) consists of 152,000 followers, and her YouTube channel (illumin_arty MUA) consists of 2,600 subscribers. According to Hunt, she believes “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. The art of makeup lies in the ability to create

things that defy reality....To be the master of your own universe." One of her popular looks was the #bratzchallenge. The challenge was started by Promise Tamang (@promisetamang) and went viral. She is also an Instagrammer and beauty guru.

Lara Tilley is a self-taught makeup artist from New Zealand. Her Instagram (@laratilley) consists of 50,300 followers and her YouTube channel (Lara Tilley) consists of 1,100 subscribers. She considers herself confident with and without makeup and loves to have a positive attitude. Also, she hopes to inspire others around the world to feel the same way. A popular look of hers is the rainbow in which was inspired by Jamie Lee (@jayblissy), another Instagram beauty guru.

Vanessa Davis is a makeup artist, designer, and influencer from London. Her Instagram (@the_wigs_and_makeup_manager) consists of 766,000 followers, and her YouTube channel consists of 18,915 subscribers. She is also known as The SKULLTRESS due to her wicked makeup looks. During an interview with Makeup Forever, the artist said, "I first started using makeup when I was 14 years old. I remember just looking at. It was like going into a candy store." Her recent look called the Gothic Cathedral has become a favorite of her fans and supporters. It was inspired by another Instagramer who goes by Naris (@crazydiamond10).