• Lameya Thomas

Skin Care: Benefits of using aloe vera gel

Skin care is such an important aspect when it comes to your health. Many people suffer from acne or inflammation every day. There are so many different remedies, but which one works best?

Aloe vera is a succulent plant in which descends from genus Aloe. It is grown in only tropical climates and is used to produce two substances: gel and latex. The gel is taken from the leaves, and the latex is collected form the outer part of the plant.

According to Everyday Health, the gel is known to treat a variety of issues, from skin damage to digestive problems. Also, it is a world-wide popular herbal remedy. It is sometimes called “burn plant,” “lily of the desert,” and “elephant’s gall” due to its healing properties.

Aloe vera has many benefits when it comes to skin care. The way it helps treat sunburns is by adding a protective layer to the damaged tissue and acting like an antioxidant to help the healing process go faster. Furthermore, it’s used in many moisturizers. The gel can also be used to treat dry skin, which can be beneficial to those who have eczema. Acne can also be treated by the gel's two hormones, Auxin and Gibberellins. These hormones reduce inflammation and blisters on the skin.

Other health problems can be treated using aloe vera gel too. MindBodyGreen’s official website says, “The plant is said to improve ... digestion and to relieve ulcers.” It is also said to contain 75 different types of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and sugars.