• Jacqueline Walker

Review: Robert Pattinson's "Let Me Sign"

Robert Pattinson Is an English actor, model, and musician. He started his career by play Cedric Diggoy in the film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in 2005.

His most popular leading role was playing the vampire Edward Cullen in the film adaptations of the "Twilight" novels by Stephenie Meyer. Pattinson also wrote and performed the song for the Twilight soundtrack called “Let Me Sign.” "Twilight" brought Pattinson worldwide fame.

The song wasn't meant for the film, having initially been included by director Catherine Hardwicke without his permission, but he later on agreed to the idea of using it in the film. He did write it a while ago, and maybe unknowingly, he seemed to pick up hints from the book.

One of the lyrics reads, “Standing by the broken tree.” If you’ve read the book, I’m guessing the song is referring to the moment in the meadow when he breaks the tree and Bella gets scared. It is the first time she sees him act like a vampire.

Pattinson plays piano and guitar and has been writing his own music for years. "Let Me Sign" wasn’t the only song Pattinson wrote that ended up on Twilight’s soundtrack: “Never Think" also appeared on the Twilight soundtrack.

As a CHS student who loves all music, I think Pattinson has an amazing voice. I’d heard the song from the film but never would have thought he was the guy who sang and wrote the song. I was so surprised and amazed! Looking at Pattionson only as an actor made it hard to believe he had such a strong and powerful voice like Paolo Nutini. Paolo Nutini is a Scottish singer, songwriter, and musician from Paisley.

Though "Let Me Sign" was a short, two-minute song, it was amazing, and I encourage you to also listen to his other song, “Never Think.”

Here is the music video so you can watch and listen to the song: