• Morgan Sellars

Insect populations dropping rapidly

Many insects play major roles in agriculture and helping the planet grow, literally. Without insects, our lives would change drastically and could even become a catastrophe. However, according to Fox News, "More than a third of the world's insects are threatened with extinction in the next few decades."

Evidence for decline in all insect groups has been discovered. Loss of biodiversity such as environmental degradation, pollution, over hunting, climate changes, and habitat loss cause a drastic downfall in animal and insect population. Fox News reports, "Due to the high level of species loss, Earth is considered to have entered its sixth mass extinction event in half-a-billion years as conservationist warn that more needs to be done to protect our environmental systems."

If species loss cannot be slowed down, there may be major consequences to agriculture and even life, in general. Insects play a vital role in many ecosystems, which causes them to have huge impacts on the populations of many other living organisms.

Those little pesky bugs have super-important jobs. They work nonstop by maintaining the fertility and structure of soil, pollinating different types of plants, as well as feeding on dead organisms and recycling nutrients back into the soil.

While farmers are doing their jobs by planting and picking, smaller farmers, such as bees and other insects that play a role in agriculture, are being killed off by pesticides, and it's starting to show the true colors of the chemicals used in farming. If something doesn't change in how we treat the Earth and its animals and insects, we may be doomed to watch extinction take place at a rapid pace