• Ja-khira Cooper

Georgia Day a celebration of state's founding, history

Georgia Day is a holiday in which the state of Georgia honors its colonial founding as the province of Georgia. This holiday was created by the Georgia General Assembly as a special day for all Georgians

Georgia Day is now observed on or around February 12 at the Georgia Day Parade hosted by the Georgia Historical Society as part of the Georgia History Festival, a two-week celebration of Georgia history.

On Feb. 12, 1733, James Oglethorpe landed the first settlers in the Anne, at what was to become Georgia's first city, Savannah.

As a part of the annual commemoration of the founding of the Georgia colony in 1733 by Oglethorpe, there is an traditional parade and festival held in Savannah. It is free to all the public. There is also be a march through Savannah's historic squares during the beloved annual event.

This day is truly a special day and a day that we should all take time to celebrate this day on which Georgia was founded. Every year on February 12, let's take time to celebrate the time in history when Georgia was founded. Let's all remember to celebrate Georgia Day.