• Mackenzie Dekle

3 Squares Diner offers customers Valentine's Day special

3 Squares Diner in Cairo is hosting a Valentine's Day special that'll only be available on Valentine's day.

The special includes an entree and dessert. The entree is a 10 oz. ribeye and includes your choice of potato, salad or vegetable, as well as your choice of toast. The special is that you're able to get two for $27.99.

3 Squares Diner potato options include regular french fries, sweet potato fries, home fries, baked potato, mashed potatos, and hashbrowns.

3 Squares vegetable options include squash, fried squash, cabbage, turnips, green beans, butter pea's, black eye pea's, and fried okra.

3 Squares toast choices include white, wheat, raisin, or a biscuit.

The 3 Squares salad includes only tomatoes, but you're able to add on cheese, ham, onions, eggs, and more. The dressing choices include honey french, ranch, italian, thousand island, and honey mustard.

3 Squares desserts include chocolate cake, straberry shortcake, cheesecake, apple pie, lemon pie, and more. However, there's an additional $1 upcharge on strawberry shortcake and strawberries on the cheesecake.

3 Squares is open 24 hours per day, even on holidays. The diner is located on 38 East Blvd NE, Cairo, GA 39828.