• Damien Lane

Oyster Festival held in Panacea

The second Panacea Oyster Festival was held in Panacea, Fla., on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019. Held in a small park called Woolley Park, the event was a great turn out with many people coming to enjoy some oysters and different foods.

The event quickly became so packed the visitors didn't have a place to stand or sit, becoming a great turn out since it had been previously postponed for bad weather.

The previous date for the event was Oct.14, 2018, when Hurricane Michael came to the shores of Florida, slowing down the lives of the residents and turning the coastline into a wreck. However, the farmers worked hard to bring back the farms so the festival could still happen.

The event also had some fair games for the kids, like popping balloons with darts and ring tossing.

The festival vendors also had many different types of stuff to purchase. There were people selling homemade hot sauces that were very delicious, as well as fresh honey, walking sticks, belts, shirts, hats, and more.

There were also many different vendors to get oysters from, as well. "OUTLAW" oyster was there serving and selling some clothing items. The "Oyster Boss" was also serving, as well. To get any of the delicious foods, festival-goers had to buy tickets from a booth at the entrance. Each ticket was $1, and one ticket could be traded for one oyster.