• Hannah Jo Claire

'Fortnite' Season 7 new update details released

"Fortnite" has released its season seven, week 10 challenge, including Free and Battle pass Challenges.

The Free Challenges and Battle Challenges include a variety of stages. By completing these stages, the player tiers up and/or level up, depending on whether the player bought the Battle Pass.

The Free Challenges include many new stages to go through. First, the player needs to place three "Mounted Turrets" or "Damage Traps" in different matches. To do so, just build a flat floor and place a "Mounted Turret" that the player has collected. For traps, just find a wall, ceiling, or floor to drop it on.

The next Challenge is to search seven chests in either Lazy Links or Dusty Divot. A player can pick any preferred location and open all chests in that area. A helpful tip is to land the furthest from the "Battle Bus path", which will help the player not run into as many players, and more easily access all the chests.

Another challenge is the Assault rifle eliminations. The player needs to take out three opponents using this gun. Many other guns like the Scoped Assault Rifle, Suppressed Assault Rifle, Thermal Scoped Assault rifle, and the Heavy Assault Rifle are allowed, as well.

Now on to Battle Pass Challenges, the Challenges include many new stages.

Did you know that the Shooting Galleries were still around? Well, they are, and the Battle Pass Challenges are associated with them.

So, first the player needs to get a score of five or more at the "Shooting Gallery" east of "Wailing woods." To get five or more, hit the targets as they pop up, but do it before the timer runs out. After hitting all the targets, another set will appear. Another huge tip is if the targets are close, use a "Shotgun" for a wider spray. If the target if farther away use a Assault Rifle.

There are three stages that are included in this Challenge. Stage one requires the player to get a score of five or more at the Shooting Gallery east of "Wailing Woods." Stage two requires the player to get a score of five or more at the "Shooting Gallery" north of "Retail Row." The last stage requires the player to get a score of five or more at the "Shooting Gallery" east of "Paradise Palms." Remember, the player can only do one stage per match.

Now, we'll move to another Challenge that features the "Expedition Outposts." There are seven "Expedition Outposts" that are scattered around the map. It's the players job to visit four of them within a single match. To pass the Challenge in the quickest way possible, a plane is a good suggestion.

Not only did the Free Challenges have "Deal Damage" Challenges, the Battle Pass does, as well. This Challenge is a little more difficult: the player needs to deal out 2,000 damage with a Scoped Weapon, preferably by taking the high ground and waiting out their enemies. The guns that can be used for this Challenge are the "Scoped Assault rifle," "Thermal Scoped Assault rifle," and the "Scoped revolver."

The last Battle Pass Challenge is to hit an opponent with a "Chiller Grenade" or "Boogie Bomb" in different matches. This Challenge is over a course of three matches.

"Chiller Grenade was recently added in a previous patch and hitting an enemy with it will send them slipping around. Boogie Bombs have been around for a while so you know the drill! Ahem, they cause others to dance," according to ign.com."