• Mackenzie Dekle

Georgia high school graduation rates increasing

In recent years, public schools in Georgia have seen an increased rate of students graduating. However, they're still under the national average.

According to WSB-TV, the national rate is 80.6 percent, and Georgia's rate is currently 79.4 percent. A division that analyzes data concluded that out of the 50 states, Georgia is at the bottom of the list when it comes to graduation rating. The data was based on students who attended from their freshman years to their senior years, and exceptions were made for student transfers.

Georgia is ranked as the 41st state when it comes to the number of graduates. Followed by Georgia are Michigan, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Louisiana, Arizona, Oregon, the District of Columbia, and New Mexico.

Georgia schools have "credit recovery" for students who failed a class. Students take an online course in order to pass the class. However, some researchers believe credit recovery isn't demanding enough. At CHS, we have a credit recovery program in our Crossroads building that costs $100 for students to register, as well as summer school that costs the same.

WSB-TV states, "The Georgia Department of Education released its 2018 graduation percentage based on the rate back in September. Georgia's public schools saw an increase from the 2017 graduation rate to a new record."

According to the Governor's Office of Student Achievement, CHS's graduation rate of 90.7 percent is higher than 65 percent of schools. Also, 53.4 percent of students are college and career ready when graduating. The AP participation rate at CHS is 34 percent.

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