• Jasmine Chandler

Meigs convenient store robbed

On Dec. 26, 2018, a Meigs, Ga., convenient store was targeted in an armed robbery. The is located at 3079 Depot St. The suspect's name is Fitzgerald Thomas Mitchell. This robbery took place the day after Christmas.

The suspect came in the store with an orange shirt covered over his face. He also had socks covering both his hands and wore a black jacket and also a black shorts. The 52-year-old suspect demanded money while holding a gun in one hand.

Thomas County Sheriff Watkins, the Chief Investigator, explained that the Thomasville County Police Department tracked the suspect back to the housing projects.

Two people located inside the store turned out to be relatives of the suspect, and soon after he departed, the victims contacted the mother of the suspect.

Sheriff Watkins says that one of the relatives of the armed robbery called Mitchell's mother as soon as he exited the store. Not too long after, the mother and the brothers of the suspect arrived at the convenient store. Mitchell had been identified in the photo lineup. Soon after, an Amber Alert was issued on mid-afternoon on Tuesday.

He was later stopped in Pelham, Ga., and charged off from his vehicle. Pelham Police and Mitchell County Sheriff's Office deputies followed him on foot. When the deputies finally caught up to him, he was arrested at a house on First Street in Pelham. He is now being held in the Thomas County Jail.

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