• Jacqueline Walker

Music Review: Erin McCarley "Pony (it's ok)"

Erin McCarley is an alternative music singer and songwriter who released a song called “Pony (its ok)” in 2008. This set the record for the most downloads in an iTunes "Single of the Week" campaign, when the song was featured during the first week of January 2009.

McCarley told LAist her songwriting process: "I usually start with some sort of melody. I'm a vocalist over an instrumentalist, so I'm usually humming a melody in my head, then I'll follow it with a guitar. Usually, if it's something that I'm really into and can feel, some words will come out that reflect the same emotion as the music."

According to Songfacts, McCarley also said, "I don't really play piano, but that was the first time I wrote on piano … I was literally playing with two fingers doing this "Chopsticks"-type thing and I just started singing. It's really weird when phrases fly out of your mouth that you're not intending, and you don't even necessarily know what it means at the time."

The first time I ever heard the song was on television. It was from the soundtrack of a show called called “One Tree Hill.” The song is a little upbeat, and tMcCarley’s voice was impressive and natural.

Here is a video so you can listen to the song and read the lyrics.