• Jasmine Chandler

TCC introduces new technology, better learning experience for students

Tallahassee Community College (TCC) in nearby Tallahassee, Fla., offers students an opportunity to get a higher education at a campus much smaller than nearby, larger schools such as FSU, FAMU, and other colleges. There have also been recent transformations to this college, including improvements in technology and work spaces for students.

The transformations have provided students with a better place to work and learn. The school has stated that more than $1 million will be spent to renovate over 50 classrooms over the next five years. For example, students have access to laptops to do research and take notes, and classrooms have interactive SMART Boards for upgraded teaching and learning. The new technology has made classes more engaging for students and has also allowed students to have more contact with their professors.

Some students find it more comfortable to work in smaller classes with fewer students. Some may have been homeschooled previously or may simply not be used to classroom environments with over 30 students to each class. Many students find it better to have smaller classes due to the way they learn.

One of the community college's upgraded classes is Aegis Business Technology, which is a business education class. This class received $25,000 from the TCC Foundation for a complete renovation. Aegis Business Technology has been designed for students to now have collaborative learning.

A re-evaluation of academic operations and a collective bargain concession by the administration has also led to a requirement for each professor to teach five classes. The goal is to increase retention and graduation rates and better prepare students for jobs.