• Jakhira Cooper

CHS holding annual Valentines Day cookie cake sale

It's about that time of year at CHS: the annual Valentine's Day cookie cake sale. This sale will be held by Mrs. Whitney Brown, culinary arts teacher here at CHS. Mrs. Brown has held this cookie cake sale before, and each time it has been a success.

So CHS students and faculty, if you have a special someone that you would like to send a sweet treat to on this Valentines Day, you can never go wrong with a nice cookie cake and a sweet message letting your sweetheart know you are thinking of them!

The Red and Black spoke with Mrs. Brown to ask her about the sale and learned that the cakes are going to be the same as they've always been: round cookie cakes with a sweet message written in icing. Students and faculty will have three choices of what they would like the cakes to say. The choices are "I (Heart Shape) U," "Be Mine," or "XOXO," so you can choose which of those three choices expresses your feelings the best. The cookie cakes are $10 each, and you will have to put you orders in early.

The order forms will be sent out around February 1, and the exact order dates will be announced. In the past, Mrs. Reynolds has also contributed to this, as well, by also selling balloons and flowers to go with the cakes to raise money for prom, and sources say she may do the same this year.

So CHS students and staff, if you want to send a special someone a sweet treat on this Valentine's Day, order yours soon!