• Ashley Haga

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' trailer drops, with lots of information

As many people know, Marvel has many movies scheduled for release in 2019, one of them being "Spider-Man Far From Home," a sequel to "Spider-Man Homecoming." The release date is set for July 5, 2019.

The trailer starts off with a few shots of Peter Parker in his suit, followed by an explosion at the top of the building. Then we see the neighborhood people throwing a party for Spider-Man. Aunt May is seen on stage along with Spider-Man thanking him, the people applaud, and we see Spider-Man and Aunt May in a different room alone. Peter then takes off the mask, and Happy walks in with a check saying 500,000.00 to be awarded to the friendly neighborhood hero. Happy and Aunt May begin to flirt while Peter seems confused.

We now see Peter in his room packing for a school trip to Europe. The suitcase he uses was his late Uncle Ben's. Although we haven't been shown what happened to Uncle Ben, we all already know the tragic story from the older movies and the comics. He soon swings his way to get his passport which sports his birthday, August 10, which is the same day as his comic book counterpart. We see Peter back in his room, still packing, then Aunt May asks him about packing his suit, and he replies that he's going on a trip and doesn't need his suit. He closes his closet and runs to the airport.

There is a small montage of the kids on the trip having fun, and we see some familiar faces from the first movie, such as MJ, Ned, and Flash, along with some teachers making their return. Now we see Peter and MJ alone on a stage, and Peter complements MJ, saying she's pretty; she replies saying he is too. We get another few shots of the kids having fun and exploring Europe, with Peter speaking in the background saying that he only wants to spend time with MJ.

The boys are back in their room, getting cozy for bed when all of a sudden Ned gets shot in the neck with a tranquilizer. The person who shot it at him happens to be a familiar face: Nick fury, the head of S.H.E.I.L.D. We see Peter in his suit, which is sporting red and black (instead of red and blue), on a boat accompanied by Fury at night. We see some shots of MJ and Ned before we see Peter in a different-looking suit.

Some S.H.E.I.L.D agents are seen shooting at a rock creature. We then see a bridge on fire with lightning, and the same building that we saw at the beginning of the trailer, blowing up, again. Another elemental monster shows up, this time sporting fire. The students are then seen running and ducking for cover behind cars.

We get a look at the new Stealth Suit, most likely from Fury. MJ is in front of a group of speechless people, as yet another elemental monster is made, this time out of water, threatening them. We now see that the character Mysterio is in the movie as well. The trailer shows the two of them attacking the elemental monsters together. It ends with the group of teenagers questioning who the unknown man is, comparing him to heroes such as Iron Man and Thor.

The trailer then ends. People have already started hypothesizing about the twist and turns the movie will have, but no one will be sure until July 5 of this year.

Many speculate the villain Hydro-Man is behind the water creature. Mysterio is a well- known Spider-Man villain, but he's shown as the hero, helping defeat these monsters. Mysterio is a known special effects expert, so is he really helping, trying to be a hero; or is he putting on a show so he can make himself seem heroic?

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