• Ashley Haga

Scientists create new diet to save lives, the planet

Earth, the planet we call home, has been through a lot over its four billion years of existence. Humans, despite having arrived relatively recently within that time span, have caused all too much destruction. With overpopulation and the overuse of farm areas to the point where we can't use them anymore, we're running out of time.

Scientists, constantly warning us and trying to find a way to stop the process, may just have found a way. One thing everyone enjoys is food; even when the food isn't healthy, we eat it simply because it tastes good. Now, scientists from all over the world have created a diet to improve health and make sure we have a sustainable food production to help reduce future damage to the planet.

The diet known as the "planetary health diet" focuses on cutting the consumption of red meats and sugars in half while upping the intake amount of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. This diet is said to be able to prevent 11.6 million premature deaths, all without harming Earth, says the medical journal The Lancet.

Over 3 billion people across the world suffer from starvation and malnourishment - or, conversely, over-nourishment. The authors of The Lancet say that a global change of diet and food diets is what's needed to help these people. Meanwhile, food production is overstepping environmental targets, driving us to climate change and causing biodiversity loss and pollution.

Scientists believe that by 2050 the world's population will reach 10 billion; that growth, mixed with our current diet and food production ways, will "exacerbate risks to people and planet," say the authors.

The diet could help save many lives and possibly extend the time we have on earth. Not only would it save lives and the earth, it could prevent people from suffering from malnourishment and over-nourishment.

Past generations upset the earth, and it's time for the newer generations to fix it.