• Ja-khira Cooper

CHS to hold 2019 Prom with theme of 'The Roaring 20s'

This year's Prom will be one that our seniors will never forget. CHS has really outdone themselves this year. This year it's all about "The Roaring 20s," the flashiest time in history. When I say flashy, think big bands, tuxedos, hats, beaded or feathered hair pieces, pearls, waistcoats, and glitter. It's like a major "Great Gatsby" event.

The extravaganza will be held Saturday, March 16, 2019, at the Grady Cultural Center from 8-11:45 p.m.

As students, we have read and learned over the years about the 20s era, which was the first decade to have a nickname. Some people called it the "Roaring 20s," and some even called it the "Jazz Age." This was a decade of "prosperity and dissipation," according to many sources. Prom, a step towards graduation, is seniors' season of prosperity.

This theme piqued a lot of interest with students, so the Red and Black sat down with Mrs. Brooke Reynolds, the CHS prom coordinator, to get her thoughts on the subject. When asked how she came up with the theme for prom, she briefly explained that every year she and the prom committee come together and post a sheet in front of the school and ask the students what they envision for their prom. This year's most suggested theme was the "Roaring 20s."

Mrs. Reynolds agreed that the 20s era really relates to our time today. The 20s were all about the glam and social status, and today's social media culture is all about who can be in the spotlight the most and get the most followers and attention. This particular theme is very different than CHS is used to having with its typical lights, balloons, and florals.

This year's theme gave Mrs. Reynolds a different creative direction, as well. It's all about the glamour and flash for 2019. There will be lots of beads, gold, black, glitter, and feathers. It's really going to be a night to remember.

So seniors, it's time to step out in your flashiest, most glamorous dresses, pearls, tuxedos, and feathers and make "The Roaring 20s" a night we will never forget.