• David Smith

Samsung unveils new concept for 219-inch 'Wall' television

Samsung has just announced the new "Wall TV" will soon be available to any customer who is willing to buy the 219-inch television.

The company made the announcement at the 2019 CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas. The Samsung company even brought one of the televisions to show its capability; this encouraged the viewers to buy a television once it's released.

"And here's the real kicker: it apparently creates a brighter image while using less energy than current and standard televisions," according to comicbook.com.

The company also has a 75-inch television for customers who think the 219-inch, or 18-foot model is too big. The 75-inch has the same capability as 219-inch, but the smaller model comes with the ability to be enlarged up to the 219-inch max size: "You can either watch that by itself or buy additional screens to snap together and make a bigger one," according to Your Central Valley.

The main purpose of this massive screen is for customers to create a theater area in a mansion or large house. If you're a gamer, then a 18-foot TV isn't the best choice for your gaming area. If you play games with a larger television, you would have to sit further back to get a clear image of the game you are playing. However, if the game is a patient or slow-paced game, you could have a larger screen, but a 218-inch TV is ridiculous when it comes to gaming.

Here below is a video from Samsung's presentation of the giant, new television: