• Damien Lane

New external hard drive for Xbox One released

The new Xbox One hard drive is an external hard drive that is out on the market for gamers to buy. The older hard drives look similar but hold completely different amounts of storage. The original storage drives for Xbox 360 were internal and only held 250 gigabytes. The Xbox could also have an external hard drive as well that held an extra 20 gigabytes.

Games today have grown by technology advancements that have caused game size to grow in storage. Xbox needs more room to hold new games that are coming out every year. Games today are about 35-50 gigabytes for one game.

Microsoft has now created a new external hard drive that can be used for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The new hard drive holds up to 4 TB of space. The hard drive is called the Seagate Game Drive and is available in different models with different designs and storage capacities. The hard drive that is only available through Microsoft is $149.99.

Different models of the hard drive have similar designs to them but are different in storage space and physical size as well. The other external model of the hard drive only holds two TB with a "Sea Of Thieves" theme on the hard drive. The hard drive that also only available from Microsoft is $89.99.

A different model of the external hard drive is a portable version that only holds one TB of storage but has a different look to it with a black/gray or a white/gold theme. The price of the portable hard drive is $69.99.