• David Smith

Video Game Preview: 'The Division 2'

"The Divison 2" is an upcoming online action role-playing video game which will be released on March 15, 2019. The game will throw you into intense scenes where you must work your way around them.

You and three other people will start out as scavengers in Washington D.C., where you must fight for what you want. The more resources you and your teammates scavenge, the more gadgets or abilities you can unlock to take down your enemies.

"You and your fellow Division agents will take the fight to the Capitol steps and the ruins of Air Force One, shooting and looting your way through a burgeoning civil war," according to SVG.

Ubisoft, the publisher for the game, plans to make the game bigger and better. They plan to have many more activities for you and your friends to do. "Not only will The Division 2 bring back the tense player-versus-player Dark Zone, but this time around it's also got raids and free expansions, too," the company stated.

The publisher for the game is Massive Entertainment, a Swedish video game developer based in Malmö, Sweden. The gaming company is known for making the prequel to this game, as well as other games such as "Far Cry 3."

Ubisoft is known for publishing many different games such as the "Assassins Creed" series, as well as Tom Clancy's series of games. They have also done many others, but these are the company's top rated games they've published.

The game is expected to be rated T for teen or M for mature audiences. The game will have violent scenes, as well as some vulgar language in some scenes.

Below is a trailer for "Tom Clancy's The Division 2," which will be released on March 15, 2019.