• Damien Lane

New Christmas update to be released for 'Sea Of Thieves'

"Sea of Thieves" will be releasing a new festive event for players who log on during the month of December. This is part of an initiative called Gilded Gifts.

The event will also have Christmas missions as well. To go find the missions, visit Duke at any outpost tavern this month and purchase a Gilded Voyage for the fine sum of doubloons.

This is a special voyage type with high-value rewards that will be only available for December.

Pirates at the outposts have also gotten into the celebratory spirit and have put out a sprinkling of festive decorations that make a perfect backdrop. The new update will also be fixing some problems and making other adjustments to the game, such as loading time, which has been reduced; improved UI layout of commendation details for bilge rat adventures; modifications to the bone crusher cannons following feedback to improve visibility when aiming; and music and SFX for fog, which are now triggered earlier.

In addition, dropping a gunpowder barrel on a rowboat attached to the rear of a sloop will no longer cause it to explode and most likely sink the ship. The (take all) function now correctly takes tattered parchments found in barrels. Players who migrate and die while a voyage is active will no longer lose progress for voyages. The Legendary lantern now emits a correctly-colored glow. The lanterns will no longer refresh the flame of fate color when putting away or pulling out.

The game designers have also resolved an issue that prevented skeleton forts from de-spawning when players were fighting with a skeleton ship. Treasure dropped on the headboard of the galleon will no longer become stuck in the ship structure and become part of the ship. Floating mermaid gems will now sink slowly before disappearing rather than disappearing on the surface. Mouse button icons now correctly display the correct buttons to press instead of opposite. The update also resolves the nameplate error where lines could be seen above nameplates and block the name from being read.